Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yo Momma

Call the doctor, I've got a mean case of tennis fever. This week I'm working at the US Open, and included in the gig is a golden ticket good for access to any match. Thus I've been watching a buttload of fuzz slapping, as you can imagine.

Hopefully you all caught Federer's poetic triumph over Igor Andreev last night. Roger looks hungry, making frequent visits to the net, which makes the spectating oh so entertaining, especially after watching Djokovic and Robredo camp out at the baseline playing tennis hot potato all afternoon.

Prime time tonight, sororal showdown with Venus and Serena, but tune in early or program the Tivo to catch Scotsman Andy Murray take on Juan Martin Del Potro, de Arhentina, 2 evenly matched, up and coming whipper-snappers (20 & 19 yrs old, seeds 6 & 17 respectively). Extra bonus here is the saucy underlying beef; during a changeover at a tourney in May, Murray wanted an apology from Del Potro for beaming a volley at his dome piece, which led J-Mart to quip something about Murray always being a whiner, like his mom. You can hear the whole exchange in this vid:

Sounds like Del Potro needs a talkin-to from Mr. T. Murray claims it's squashed, when he steps on the court he's just trying to win, blablabla, but you know there's still some blood in the water. Especially since while discussing the issue Murray was making this face.

Also tune in after the Williamses to see good old American boy Mardy Fish get eviscerated by Nadaladollabillsyall (match time prediction: 35 mins). And if any of you bucketheads make it to the club level, be sure to holler at your boy Ultramafic at the Ralph Lauren store, ogglin trophy wives and peddlin cashmere like crack.

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Ultramafic said...

whoops on the evisceration prediction, fish put up a great fight. also murray is 21, my b.

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