Tuesday, September 23, 2008

white-headed langurs are soo cuteee fjlskdf!!!!

The white-headed langur, one of many endangered species of primates in Asia, is found only in Guangxi province in southern China. Langurs are also known as leaf monkeys, after their vegetarian diet of leaves and fruits. Conservation efforts have successfully lifted the population of langurs within the nature from 96 in 1996 to more than 500 today. The total population is estimated at 800.

White-headed langurs are born canary yellow. Here, a newborn langur clings to its mother. Female langurs can give birth once every two years. After a six-month pregnancy, a mother breast-feeds the baby for one year.

At three months, a young langur's face and ears have changed from a whitish pinkish color to black. The juveniles begin exploring independently of their mothers, although they will still cling to their mothers' chests when moving any significant distance.

A baby, its mother and another adult female. The monkeys travel in family groups of an alpha male, several females and their offspring, typically totaling 10 to 20 individuals.

via NYTimes Slideshow.

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Ultramafic said...

ha yes i just signed on to post on this as well. what absurdly beautiful creatures.

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