Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 Animation Shorts

i had to watch these two shorts for my film class:

the first is a four minute color animation short called "Digitopia" by Miwa Matreyek. she has a really keen sense of how to superimpose still/moving images, and the visuals are equally mesmerizing and stimulating.

the second is a five minute animation short called "Allahu Akbar" by Usama Alshaibi. the intricate geometric ornamentation in Arab culture is used to praise the perfection of God. When Alshaibi's father brought him a book from the middle east filled with these hand drawn patterns Alshaibi scanned them onto his computer and mashed them together. The end result is an entirely new way of seeing these static designs. "Allahu Akbar attempts to come closer to that ultimate beauty and mystery which is God," Alshaibi explains.

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