Monday, September 8, 2008

the mudd club

the Mudd Club was a tribeca nightclub named after the doctor/alledged confederate conspirator (or screwed over innocent guy depending on who you ask) who set john wilkes booth's leg after he assassinated abe lincon with a tool called a "mudd club" which enabled him to escape DC. escape after he murdered abe lincoln. the club was opened by steve mass (a publisher), diego cortez (an art curator), and anya philipsit (a singer) opened the nightclub in october of 1978. it soon came to play a major role in NY's underground music and counterculture scene.

the Mudd Club featured gender-neutral bathrooms and even had a rotating gallery on its own floor. the club hosted live performances of punk rock, new wave, and experimental music frequented by jean-michel basquiat, johnny Thunders, keith haring, david byrne, and klaus naomi, the ramones, and frank zappa.

the owners attracted the rough downtowners by juxtaposing its chicly trashy main floors with an art gallery on the fourth floor. soon the mudd club was as known for its basquiat exhibitions as for its talking heads performances ("this ain't the mudd club or cbgb's, i ain't got time for that now"- 'life during wartime')

"the club was the degenerate but respectable synergy between art and music",

here's Basquiat

Author Victor Bockris plays tip the table at the Mudd Club in 1979 (by Allan Tannenbaum)


the dance floor in 1979 (by Allan Tannenbaum)


John Entwhistle (bass player of The Who) at their "Quadrophenia" party at the Mudd Club in 1979 (by Allan Tannenbaum)


the second floor lounge of the mudd club (by Allan Tannenbaum):

Nick Jones, Glenn Roberts, George Cheyne and Iain Slater at the Mudd Club:

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