Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Twelves: Episode II


Rio's dope boys, The Twelves, have come correct with another dirty dozen. This one's a teensy bit less dancy than their first installment, but it's equally entertaining and pretty spectacular in its own right. Once again, they've chosen 12 viciously hip tracks, mixing them together with ease and sophistication. Of all the peeps remixing tunes these days, there are few who are more meticulous and thoughtful than The Twelves.

Enjoy the particularly big Twelves Replays -- all 6 are top flight. "Reckoner," "White Winter Hymnal," and "Dance Dance Dance" stood out for me.

And be sure to check out The Twelves' jam sessions! They dudes don't just spin...

the twelves - episode ii (mixtape)


01. zeigeist - humanitarianism (the twelves replay)
02. radiohead - reckoner (the twelves replay)
03. mirwais - naive song
04. of montreal - gronlandic edit
05. david e. sugar - to yourself
06. the virgins - rich girls (the twelves replay)
07. daft punk - voyager
08. jupiter - chip
09. fleet foxes - white winter hymnal (the twelves replay)
10. metronomy - heartbreaker
11. the twelves - works for me (the twelves replay)
12. lykke li - dance dance dance (the twelves replay)

Extra large thank you to Discodust for disseminating the tunage.

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