Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BMX Soundsystem: Put Your Block On Blast

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Lose the jambox for a minute. The cool kids are blastin big beats on BMXs-- so says Made In Queens, a short film that chronicles this new trend among Trinidian teenagers in Queens, NY. The film documents their interest in kitting out whips with max megawatts.

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“In this age of obsessive video sharing and social networking, nearly every action is designed and packaged for public consumption. Especially with young people,” says co-director Joe Stevens. “The immed­iate charm of (this) crew is that they’re the exact opposite of all that. There is nothing calculated or self-conscious about who they are. They’re just a group of friends doing some­thing to challenge themselves and have some laughs. It’s a story which would have never come from kids who were born here.”

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Group photo

Watch the trailer:

Peeps the official website at madeinqueensfilm.com

More at CR Blog

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