Wednesday, July 9, 2008

JK Keller: Matchbox Sign Language & Flattened Mountains

NY artist, JK Keller, has a great website. here is some of his work..

A full ASL Matchbook set.

Full Set of ASL Matchbooks + 1


Flattened Mountains: Keller digitally alters a scene mountains to be flat, and alters a washed up wave to mimic the topography of the mountain. Interesting idea .I like how the ocean looks. It reminds me of those toys that were clear plastic with colored sand inside and you'd tip back and forth and the sand would fall and make different designs.

As Vast as the MountainAs High as the Ocean

Some before and after test images:

Original MountainOriginal MountainOriginal MountainOriginal Mountain

Flattened MountainFlattened MountainFlattened MountainFlattened Mountain

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