Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BuffetLibre's "Rewind"

I'm really digging BuffetLibre's 80s cover project "Rewind". BuffetLibre got an insane list of musicians to remix and cover sixty righteous 80s tunes!

Xinobi, Anoraak, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Dragonette, Moulinex,Overthrill, Cryptonites, Frankmusik, Sidechains, RAC feat Karl Kling, !Trash Yourself, South Central, Culture Prophet, Vitaminsforyou, Lismore, The Cloud Room, Mr Miyagi, Purple Crush, Levy, Electric Soft Parade, The Paper Scissors, Pomomofo, Saint Bernadette, Hello Tokyo, Cloetta Paris, Friday Bridge, ER2, Mark Mallman, Lucknow Pact, The Social Services, Band In A Box, We Are Soldiers We Have Guns, The Amplid, Oh Snap!, Fil Ok, Per QX, 3 is A Crowd, Mono4, Malk, Emotiquon, Julian Nation, Heartache, Hidden Cat, The Missiles, Database, CSK OK, Joe And Will Ask?, Cannonball Jane, The Fatels, Ruby Isle, PYT, Louis La Roche, TempestDisco, GlitchBitch, Keenhouse, Royal Rumble, Daroc, Adventure Kid.


here are two trax for ya's:

Anoraak - Talking In Your Sleep (remix)
Xinobi - Do It Roger (remix)

the rest of the songs are available for free at

merkin muffley just told me that there's a blog where all sixty tracks can be downloaded at once. he's working on remembering where...stay tuned for that link.

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