Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cube Lube

My old buddy old pals, Ultramafic and McSleezy, have been abusing the Rubik's cube of late. With dexterous, deliberate hands, they've each cracked the Rubik's code in the 2:00 minute range - impressive, to be sure. Still I think they'd be the first to admit that, with some work, they could shave significant time off their personal bests, maybe hover around the 1:00 minute mark. But I think anywhere below that range would require a competitive advantage...

There's something about their cube, about the way it moves through its combos. It's tough, rigid, doesn't slide quickly enough. Not like this guy's:

Now I'm not making any wild, Cansecan accusations about the Rubik's Record. I'm just sayin' I've always wondered about the record holders: have they honed their cubes into "gameball" shape or is their something else at play - some type of performance enhancement. Today's web surf sesh has provided some clarity around the question. Behold, Cube Lube!

Ultramafic & McSleezy, I implore you, side-effects be damned, use the lube! Take your game to the next level.


(via And I Am Not Lying)

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Ultramafic said...

Bougé, you've done it again!

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