Wednesday, July 2, 2008

APC's New Butler Series

APC has always taken their denim washes very seriously by discouraging people from washing their carefully sandpaper-ed denim except if its in the ocean. Now, APC takes their denim washes one step further and introduces the Butler Worn Out Series.

Each piece of denim in the Butler Series is worn in FOR YOU by a human resulting in a wash and fit that is personal and unique. The jeans are even initialled by the"butler" who wore them in for you. 

Interesting idea, but seems like kind of a poser purchase: do we really not have time to wear in our own jeans? I suppose it could be seen as less poser than buying a pair of generic sandpaper-ed/whiskered jeans. I bet they're unbelievably soft, though. Thoughts?   

and, I wonder how one becomes a butler, what a rad (and probably really over paid) job that must be.


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