Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adeyhawke | Hail Social Remixes

There are a slew of Hail Social remixes floating in the electro ether. I think most of them are decent, worth a listen, some are very good... and then there's this one-- this one that just makes me want to throw on a space suit, blast into orbit and go on an intergalactic jungle safari.

I know full well that the track brushes into Enya territory, but there's just something irresistable about those NES sounds tip-toeing around those steel drums. Have a listen.

Hail Social - “No Paradise” (adeyhawke remix)

And while we're talkin hawke, be sure to avail yourself of his other work - some of the Morodest beats I've heard in a while. Discodust describes it as "retro synthesizers and 80s night drive coolness meeting very dreamy ambient/idm elements." That sounds about right to me.

adeyhawke - adeyhawke theme

adeyhawke - skyscraped

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