Wednesday, June 4, 2008

yves saint laurent tribute

in the words of the NYTimes: a Few youTube treasures that capture YSL's immense creativity and Gallic wit. the best part of the first snippet is Saint Laurent’s own musings, a translation of which appears below.

“I hate bourgeois women. I hate their spirit, their intransigence, their taste, too. They dress in such a boring way.

“My woman is a real woman. She is not an Amazon, not a Barbarella, not a cosmonaut. It’s a woman often in black, because I love black. I think that a white page is very boring. Without black, there is no line."

this clip is beautiful. i used to have similar bright knit sweaters like the ones in this film back in third grade... it was pink with an orange star on the front and it was from the limited too.

here are two more
This 1986 advertisement features a less-crazy Naomi Campbell doing her best jazz standards.

this features a power-suited Linda Evangelista in a pseudo-Indiana Jones erotic thriller with the tag line, “Opium: Never has a perfume provoked such emotion.”

(via NYTimes)

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