Monday, June 23, 2008


after i bought one of these guys a couple of years ago there was no turning back. talking watches, calculator watches, i love them all. here are some more of my favs.

Casio Men's Gold Tone 50 Memory Calculator Databank Watch

Stores up to 50 personal memo pages / 8-Digit Touch Panel Calculator / World Time 8 Digit calculator Daily alarm and hourly time signals Integrated MicroLight illuminates the LCD screen for convenient yet unobtrusive viewing in even the most dark situations Black resin band with square face Includes replaceable, long-life battery and user's guide Make your life simpler with the technology from Casio.

Available for $65 at Amazon

Zihotch Retro Phone Watch

This watch tells time...literally! Made by Japan's Maywadenki, this Zihotch Retro Phone Watch has no digital display or a needle. In their place is an old school telephone dial. To find out the time, simply dial 117 and it will be spoken to you! Dialing a wrong number will result in a "We are sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service. Please check and call again." You can also set it so you receive a personal wake up call every morning!

Available for $80 here.

via RetroToGo



Kate said...

soooo cool!

Robert said...

Cool design!! Those telephone designed watches are looking cool and funky.

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