Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rag & Bone & Control

Movies and art and music and fashion are always comingling and influencing each other in interesting ways; to recall the first sentence of an article I just read, "The urge to make the work our own is elemental to the act of encountering art, and we try to satisfy it in many ways," via The New Republic.

In that vein, for their Holiday '08 menswear collection, Rag & Bone has channeled Ian Curtis & his post-punking troubadours, as depicted in Anton Corbijn's Control. I guess the time is upon us to adopt British accents and get severe?

4 bucks says some hip designer in the coming weeks cites There Will be Blood as inspiration for their formal-rustic fall collection. I'm guessin... Engineered Garments. Yeaaaah, that sounds right (via Men's Style)

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