Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Come Waste Your Time with Neave

Artist Paul Neave has created the ultimate virtual stoner playground.

Some of my favs among his masterpieces (Don't forget to full-screen):

Television: Television without context. Channel hop by clicking. Could serve as RAD visuals to prop up on the projector screen at your next party!

Strobe: Stare into the tripped out design for 20-seconds and then look away. watch how f-ed your entire peripheral vision is...everything turns to jelly!

Other Notables:
Dandelion: Blow into your mic and watch the fluffy white balls fly off a Dandelion. Finally an endless supply of white fluffy balls!
Fractals: computer generated fractals, zoom in foreverrr!
Webcam: Record yourself with over 30 webcam effects and then leave your piece of artwork on the public wall to share with others.
Neave Imagination: Play with wavy gravy wobbly lines, kind of like those Apple screensavers (remember how mesmerizing they were when they first came out in the early 90s?)
Flash Earth - Satellite views of the earth from NASA, Yahoo!, Microsoft and more...
Neave Planetarium: Stargaze through your computer with Neave's virtual Planetarium

via BuzzFeed

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