Thursday, June 19, 2008


A group of 17 wicked bad girls under the age of 16 at Gloucester (Glosta) High in Massachusetts pledged a year ago to get pregnant and raise their babies together. Time Magazine revealed in an article today that the girls have all made good on their pact. The discerning administration sensed that something strange might be going on when they noticed flocks of girls high-fiving eachother outside the school's clinic. According to the principal, "some girls seemed more upset when they weren't pregnant than when they were." Although most of the seeds came from fellow students, one of the lucky dads is a 24 year old homeless dude...yikes.

I blame it on Jamie Lynn Spears.


Kate said...

WTF! ironic this post/article came on the exact day jaimie lynn gave birth to her own little bundle of joy.

Homer119 said...

Society - 0
Homeless dude - 1

Madame Lamb said...

Regina, you're not pregnant, so that's against the rules and you can't sit with us.

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