Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here's a group I've really been digging these past few weeks.

Swedish duo Pacific! are a modern day ELO. Killer synth hooks, falsetto vocals, and disco beats abound, making these dudes welcome guests wherever bodies are movin'. As danceable as their music is, they also have a lighter, more atmospheric side that's perfect for sitting on the beach and looking out over that shimmering horizon...They released their first long play album, Reveries, earlier this year on Delores Recordings, but at this point it's still only available as an import. That said, here are a few tracks off of that album, and a couple tasty remixes to boot.

Pacific!- "Sunset Boulevard"
Pacific!- "Sunset Boulevard" (Radio LXMBRG Remix)

Pacific!- "Runway to Elsewhere"
Pacific!- "Runway to Elsewhere" (Breakbot Remix)

Here's a video of their single, "Hot Lips", created by French illustrator St├ęphane Manel. If you don't notice the similarity, he's also responsible for the album art.

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