Friday, June 27, 2008

Jocelyn Hobbi, Kathy Grayson "Like it A Little"

New York artist Jocelyn Hobbi and Kathy Grayson, latest exhibition "Like It A Little" is showing at the V&A New York through July 26, 2008. The exhibition is supposed to elicit a visceral response from the viewer, the pieces are "meant to reveal an attraction to something with hesitation".

Hobbi's works exhibit women in provocative and vulnerable poses with pointy-breasts and just-had-sex eyes at sea. Grayson's oil paintings have a pixelated look (which we know ML digs prob a little too much right now). At first glance the colors are beautiful but at second glance, once you focus in on the subject, there is something really explosive, tumultuous, and incandescent about them.

but there really is something sublimely beautiful, lonely, about Hobbi's and Grayson's works.

"Like It A Little" also features the work of Natalie Frank and Selma Hafizovic, two artists equally worthy of a mouse-click.

here is some of Hobbi's work:

here is some of Grayson's work (although it seems more more family portraits will be feautred in the exhibiton):

via NYMag


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