Thursday, May 29, 2008


I was always so blown away by the Moulinex remix of BMX I never bothered to learn much about Xinobi. The original BMX is pretty money as well:
BMX - Xinobi

And another good track, very Daft Punk sounding:
Gunpowder of Love - Xinobi

He also has some solid mixes posted on his myspace, 'xinobi likes metal' includes some great 90's throwbacks, and 'xinobi likes to discotexas' is classic get-the-party-rolling/pre-gaming material. It would be an ultramafic wet dream if Discotexas (him and Moulinex) found their way to NYC in the not too distant future.


Xinobi said...

I must say I'm honored by this post! thanks!

Madame Lamb said...

come to NYC...we'll move mountains!

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