Monday, April 21, 2008

Tribeca Film Festival

Yo peeps,

The banners dont lie, festival season is upon us. I got my four staff comps and will be attending these screenings:

Sun, 4/27 - 3:15PM - Man on Wire - documentary about Frenchie who tightrope-walked betwix WTC towers

Mon, 4/28 - 7PM -The Wackness - narrative, takes place in 90's new york, Ben Kingsely is a therapist helping a young man in exchange for pot

Thurs, 5/1 - 10PM - Mister Lonely - something about a skydiving nun, cast includes Werner Herzog and Diego Luna

Sun, 5/4 - 3PM - This Is Not a Robbery - documentary about 87-yr old man who became a serial bank robber

I'm also interested in/have heard good things about Fermat's Room, Bart Got a Room, Bigger Faster Stronger, and Let the Right One In. You can peruse the list of films here:

Tickets went on sale to the general public on Saturday, so get on top of it if you plan on going.



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edwardm said...

I'm excited about The Auteur. Spoof about the "Scorsese of Porn." The trailer looks hilarious.

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