Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sweet whip

Late last year in Europe Audi released the R8, probably the sexiest car on the planet right now. A wave of envy washes over me each time I see some lucky s.o.b. whipping around the city in one with some blonde eye candy in the passenger seat. The one on display at the Park Ave. dealership makes me drool whenever I pass it. It has 420 horses under the hood, tops off at 187 mph, and runs 0-60 in 4 seconds flat...sick.

Audi offers a 2-day Sportscar Experience where you can bomb the R8 around a professional track and learn how to handle understeering (when the car "pushes" out to the edge of the curve) and oversteering (when the back end loses traction and you snap towards the inside of the track) at speeds way over 100mph. If you already have Schumacher-like skills you can practice advanced maneuvers like heel-toe and double-clutching... moves I can't really execute with that piece of shit a4.

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