Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summertime Chunes

Forget Muxtape. The good people at Refinery 29 have put together an outstanding compilation para el verano. It features Tostado favorites, Fred Falke, Hercules & Love Affair, Air France and Beach House... + oh so much more. Clearly they've overlooked LFO's smash hit "Steal my Sunshine" but we'll forgive...

All tracks are available for free download - promotional purposes only of course. Grab some music, put your ipod on blast and soak up the rayyyyys, suckaz.

Drawing by Joanna Bovay


Madamelamb said...

so good so good so good

Anonymous said...

marvelous indeed. great tunes, and people finally realising that muxtape is just a clone of mixwit/boomshuffle/finetune/projectplaylist/imeem

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