Monday, March 31, 2008

a quick&superficial sean lennon bio

i remember going to pick up Sean Lennon's first solo album "Into the Sun".

he didn't release another album for eight years and had seemed to remain out of the spotlight. a few months ago his name came up in conversation and someone told me about his Page Six stint. in 2005 Sean Lennon published the following ad for love in the New York Post:

Any girl who is interested must simply be born female and between the ages of 18 and 45. They must have an IQ above 130 and they must be honest. They must not have any clinical, psychological disorders... and a kind heart. Clearly beautiful - but beauty on the inside is more important - but no deformities, third legs, fifth nipples...I'm completely alone and I'm completely miserable. So please send your request to Page Six.
i got curious about him and researched the (evidently) controversial musician/producer/actor...

apparently, between albums, he discovered that his best childhood friend, Max LeRoy, was having an affair with his longtime girlfriend Bijou Phillips. LeRoy was killed in a motorcycle accident before they had a chance to reconcile.

and so came "Friendly Fire" in 2006.

In 2006 journalist Andy Tennille wrote "Lennon channeled the anger and heartache he felt into his first album in eight years, and the result is Friendly Fire, a gorgeously depressing album with lyrics that at times seethe with rage and drown in sorrow juxtaposed against dreamy pop arrangements and Lennon's saccharine sweet falsetto. "Dead Meat" opens with a gentle waltzing piano line before he innocently sings, Dead meat/Don't you know you're dead meat?/You just messed with the wrong team/Better not try to fall asleep now. "Friendly Fire" reads like an open letter from Lennon to LeRoy — You launched the assault with the first cannonball/My soldiers were sleeping — backed by a sparse guitar riff. Some call it shoegaze pop; others say it's emo. One thing's for sure: Hell hath no fury like a Lennon scorned."

fifty minutes of revealing music videos accompanies "Friendly Fire" making it nearly impossible to ignore the strong lyrics. friends Jordana Brewster, Devon Aoki, Lindsay Lohan (they were rumored to have a fling), Asia Argento, Carrie Fisher and ex-girlfriend Bijou Phillips all appear in the films.

here's "Dead Meat"

here's "On and Off Again"

Below is the video for "L'Eclipse" a remixed version of "Parachutes" Lennon made with french artist M in 2007. it sounds more upbeat than any of the other songs.

he is touring to promote his last album. so tragic...i hope everything works out for him he seems lonely.

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Pan Tostado said...

last year, i tailed yoko & sean from houston / green st. up to washington square park north.

they walked hand-in-hand on a cold winter's night. all of it was astonishingly depressing.

i bet they were wistfully mourning.

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