Tuesday, April 22, 2008

music festival uniforms

WhoWhatWearDaily's guide to your summer music festival. you can always go with the "i'm-wearing-angel-wings-body-glitter-and-dread-locks-but-i-don't-care-about-fashion-i'm-here-for-the-music" festie girl uniform. it always makes me laugh how festie girls think they're sooo original but they turn shows into a fashion shows. remember the 1998 movie SLC punk? that movie should be incorporated into middle school curricula nationwide.

(SLC Punk: "The narration is told from Stevo's point of view in the future. The future Steven is insinuated to be successful and actually married to Brandy, the girl he met at the party where Bob overdosed. He says that if himself from then could see himself now, his past self would kick his future self's ass. In fact, Stevo's last statement of the film is his finally admitting that he is a "poser""-wikipedia)

via whowhatweardaily.com.


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