Tuesday, April 22, 2008

atmosphere's new album

Atmosphere, the prolific duo of Slug and Ant return with their highly anticipated 6th official studio album When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold dropping April 22nd. With When Life Gives You Lemons... you'll find Slug and Ant's storytelling, song-writing and musicality at it's finest.

Available in Deluxe 40 page gold embossed hard cover book featuring an illustrated children's story written by Slug and a bonus DVD with over an hour of live footage and extras. And Standard edition.

Ben Cohen directed/produced the DVD and my friend Andrew Wetzel was the camera man & designer of the DVD menu.

Atmosphere is a hip hop duo from Minneapolis that formed in 1993. they put minneapolis hip hop on the map and have blown up across the country, especially in SoCal and the Bay Area. i've seen them live in Minneapolis probably half a dozen times...great lyrics, great beats. check them out if you've never heard them.

"One can feel Atmosphere loosening modern hip-hop from its moorings and yanking it into some weirder and far more interesting place." - ROLLING STONE

After their last album went indie triple platinum, these guys got offers from every major label in the business, but the chose to sign to Epitaph just to prove how punk rock they are. Ant's got beats, Mr. Dibb's got skills, Slug's the nicest guy in the world and the ladies, they love him. - Vice

here's a clip from the DVD:

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