Monday, April 14, 2008

Kaiser Karl on the Airwaves

Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary designer at the helm of Chanel, is almost as renowned for his musical tastes as for his fashion nous. He has already released an album of his favourite electronica and dance tunes, and now he is poised to pop up in the latest version of the global gaming hit Grand Theft Auto as a virtual DJ. (via The Independent)

Karl sez: "They are the games of our times. Those games in a way changed the world.... They had written a politically incorrect dialogue... I loved it, [particularly] in a time when everybody wants to be so politically correct when they talk... "I prefer to be in a video than to play with it. I would love to be a very nasty, politically incorrect character."

Sneak peak of his set:

Sounds like DJ Karl is a Cerrone fan... I heard some Supernature up in there.

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