Sunday, April 20, 2008

elephant art

The Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project is a not for profit that sells artwork made by elephants in an effort to improve the welfare of domesticated elephants by facilitating appropriate standards of training, care, food and habitat, and help support the efforts of conservation organizations working to sustain and protect wild elephant populations.

here's a video of an elephant making a painting. look how jolly this guy on the right looks...such a nice grin. his face is so full of emotion! (please add a caption for the photo in the comments section below)

consider getting one of these next time you're considering one of those played-out Leonetto Cappiello posters, or whatever it is the kids are buying these days. not only are the paintings (which starts at about $300) for the benefit these amazing creatures, but they're beautiful and suuuuper unique...not to mention a great conversation starter.

feel free to add a caption to the picture above. his face is so full of emotion!

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