Tuesday, March 25, 2008

delightful gift for that hostess with the mostes

in the late 19th century it was a fad among wealthy families in England to answer a list of questions that revealed the character of the taker. Proust is associated with this particular questionnaire because he answered it so well (read his answers here) at such a young age. Vanity Fair created its own spin-off of the questionnaire, and since 1993 aprominent figure in society's answers to the "Vanity Fair Questionnaire" may be found in the back pages of the magazine. this is such a great gift.

Marcel Proust’s questionnaire is one of the best-known interview devices used in the media nowadays. Fun, intelligent, and concise, it reveals much of the personality of those questioned.

While the Maison Darel has recently purchased the original Marcel Proust questionnaire, Assouline Publishing puts forth a facsimile version that contains Marcel Proust’s handwritten replies.

An introduction by Henry-Jean Servat, a long-standing member of the Friends of Marcel Proust Society, provides a historical account of the questionnaire, and a foreword by William C. Carter imparts the significance of Proust today.

In addition, the book includes questionnaires filled by important persons with various cultural backgrounds; people such as Peter Lindbergh, Marisa Berenson, and Richard Meier. Some blank questionnaires are also included at the end, making this book an ideal gift.

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