Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i'd like to know...

not to be a total gossip monger, but i'm curious;

what are people's thoughts on lindsay lohan posing nude for NY Mag in homage to Marilyn Monroe's 1962 photo shoot dubbed 'the last sitting'? she also recently purchased Marilyn Monroe's old LA apartment. see photos here. thoughts??


Kate said...

she looks so weird! i dont get why she is all over the placccce there is nothing cool about her other than she was in mean girls. why is she acting like she can pull off marilyn in the least?


Homer119 said...

im with kate. but to her credit, of which their is negative, im sure one of her over paid managers tried to boost her career from the "worst acting job of 2007".

but honestly, they tried to compare her to monroe, nice try. wait for lohan next month spread eagle at her princess di shoot.

check please.

Madamelamb said...

ahhhh hahaha

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