Wednesday, November 3, 2010

カラオケ [karaoke]
 what's your go-to karaoke song? mine used to be "burning down the house" but this weekend i'm thinking about taking "love you" by syd barrett out for a spin.

Honey love you, honey little,
Honey funny sunny morning
Love you more funny love in the skyline baby
Ice-cream 'scuse me,
I've seen you looking good the other evening

Oh, you dig it, had to smile just an hour or
so we in love like I think we be?
It ain't a long rhyme.
It took ages to think
I think I'll hurl it in the water, baby...

Flaking you are an nice little one
To put it all around, its just good
I like it, hey hey hey
S'pose some time that day
Whoopee! swinging along over across to me

Goodtime rocker woman we'll stray our pieces
Little creepy we shine so sleepy,
So whoopee!
That's how you look...


allison said...

madonna: borderline

j. said...

say my name by destiny's child. don't judge me.

andrew wetzel said...

backstreets, the boss.

Gellyvision said...

probably "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz ft. Nikki Minaj

LAM said...

i've got 2.

like a prayer, madonna.

gimme shelter, the rolling stones.

mar mar mar said...

dj assault. ASS-N-TITTIES!

Katherine said...

sex and candy- marcy playground, great karaoke closer

SJS said...

Jolene - Dolly Parton

ChrisH said...

mj - rock with you

and i do it exactly like in the video

Michael said...

Michael Jackson

The Way You Make Me Feel

Michael Jackson makes great karaoke material, and this number takes the cake.

Garrett said...

Walking in Memphis- Marc Cohn

It "drew" the attention of a certain Carey when I was in LA September.

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