Wednesday, November 10, 2010

adrien de bontin shoots scott and garance

photog Adrien de Bontin, amherst coll classmate/friend of ML, recently spent a couple of days with Scott Schuman (the sartorialist), Garance Doré (visual artist), and a lovely argentinian fashion writer named Carolina in Buenos Aires. here are Adrien's photos from the encounter. i especially enjoy seeing the photos of garance behind-the-lens.

adi writes:

My involvement with the [scott and garance] was thanks to a wonderful local Argentine writer, Carolina, who was interviewing him for La Nacion (the national newspaper here in Argentina) and for a fashion magazine called 90+10.  She knew that I had been following the Sartorialist and Garance Dore for a few years, and therefore asked if I might be interested in acompanying her on her interviews as her photographer. 

Scott and Garance were in town for roughly about three days, and I was lucky enough to be able to chat and spend some time with them throughout their stay.  Their first day was mainly spent doing interviews in what happens to be my favorite French restaurant in Buenos Aires, Brasserie Petanque.

The next day was the fashion show where Scott was the guest of honor and there was a quick runway show consisting of 5 different designers.  After the show Carolina and I had a chance to chat with them again where they invited us to spend the day walking around the city and taking pictures the next morning.  Naturally we said yes.  

The next morning we met up in San Telmo again, where we spent a few hours walking around the city, enjoying a lemonade at the Feria de San Telmo, and basically just hanging out.  I think Scott felt comfortable speaking to someone with an American accent and coincidentally from the midwest as well, and Garance, of course, happy to have someone to speak French to.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that despite all the attention thrown at them in the fashion world, and their non-stop world traveling schedule (and therefore the amount of people theyre always meeting and saying goodbye to), that they are genuinely nice and that they are enamored with what they do.  And I can only hope that the pictures show this a little bit.

if you speak spanish, jump over to Carolina's editorial piece "Una Chica Como Yo " and her fashion blog called Coco Chronicles.

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Tracy said...

One of the things I love about Argentina is how important fashion is to its inhabitants. Girls wanna look good and shoppings are always crowded with teenagers wanting to purchase the clothing from the best designers in the world. They also have two major fashion shows organized by hairdresser Roberto Giordano. Last year I had an apartment rental in Buenos Aires and took part of the BAF (Buenos Aires Fashion) week and had the best time. Models are pretty good and I realized that purple is the new color coming up for the next season!

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