Tuesday, September 14, 2010

jerry garcia and hugh hefner

in january of 1969, hugh hefner hosted the grateful dead at his chicago playboy mansion for an episode of "playboy after dark". in this episode, hefner asks jerry garcia about the stereo sound emanating from the arrangement of kreutzmann and hart's drum sets. jerry explains that the arrangement induces "mutual annihilation":
"they more chase eachother around...it's sort of like the serpent who eats his own tail, and it goes 'round and 'round like that. and if you can stand in between 'em, they make big figure 8s on their sides... in your head."
jerry couldn't quite take hef there, literally & figuratively, but there's still some cool synergy between the two. keep watching for live performances of "mountains of the moon" and "st. stephen".

thanks for the tip, jgabriel

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nencys said...

i agree with jerry he such a nice musician.....after heard his music aetmospeare to be filled with silent

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