Thursday, May 20, 2010

liberal arts girls

in lieu of some of my dearest friends college graduations, here is one of my all time favorite scenes from "rules of attraction", a film all to reminiscent of amherst college...and every other small liberal arts school. the donovan ditty is delight-ful.

(click the image to jump to the video).

check out @liberalartsgirl on twitter for some ironic liberal arts humor. here are some of her tweets of note:

You had me at kimchi. #liberalartsgirl
What would Daria do?! #liberalartsgirl
 Ugh, you're being so second wave right now. #liberalartsgirl
This gendered bathroom is bullshit. #liberalartsgirl


bright lights, big cities said...

great post. love it.

Anonymous said...

love it blanca. great scene.

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