Tuesday, May 11, 2010


brooklyn based duo, tanlines, lays down some sun-filtered, sandy dance music. perfect to listen to while bagging rays. basic needs' remix of 'real life' is pretty bouncy but tanlines original track is much more bongo-esque. also check out, "saw"

i can't get surfer blood's 'catholic pagan' from their debut album astro coast, out of my head. maybe i'm in love? these dudes remind me of the alt-rock of the late 90s early 00s, soo groovy, soo angsty!

sleigh bells played at the student arts house, the mill, at trinity college in hartford and they put on a sick show. lead vocalist alexis krauss has this grungy/sexy/hipster? look going on and amps up the crowd with some raw, sweaty and heady lo-fi synth rock. "a/b machines"

ah, i am just going gaga for best coast's "the sun was high (and so was i)" pair that up with crystal castles' "celestica" and you've got some tracks that are perfect for necking to :)

free energy will bring you back to your teenage daydream years. hailing from philadelphia, free energy's songs off their album, stuck on nothing, are full of catchy hooks and riffs; instantly satisfying and rightfully so. "bang pop"

if you are just looking for a beat to bring your spirits up check out two door cinema club's "something good can work"

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Heaven said...

Great great post. I like two of these bands so I'm excited to listen to the rest of them and broaden my horizons.

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