Wednesday, April 7, 2010

girls live

girls has one album out and came pretty damn close to selling out webster hall last saturday night. with little known boston group, leisure, and freshly minted indie successes, dum dum girls, in tow, the place was packed by the time christopher owens and crew took the stage. it no doubt serves as testament to the enthusiasm with which their debut album was met that they have built up such interest in such a relatively short amount of time.

girls' debut album is truly awesome, and if you're still holding out - go fucking get it. the band touched on a lot of those songs on saturday night, which is great, but they've got some work cut out for them with the live show. towards the end of the set, owens addressed his reluctance to speak to the crowd with a nod to the introverted ways of the songwriter...perhaps he really is as shy and "fucked up" as the lyrics to his songs would suggest, and i'll grant him that no problem. that said, something needs to be done to better manage the energy and momentum of his show. while girls had their high points, much of the momentum of songs like "lust for life," "morning light," and "big bad mean mother fucker" became lost in a succession of down tempo numbers with awkward silences in between.

let us not forget, however, that the band is still in its nascent stages. "lust for life" was a fucking delight, and songs like "laura" and "morning light" were great to hear in person...girls certainly have the tools to impress in a live setting, and it seems to me like it's only a matter of time until they build a legitimately road-worthy catalog of songs to draw upon.

here's "lust for life"...pretty good quality, only wish the bass came through a bit better:

girls - "lust for life"
girls - "morning light"
girls - "laura"
girls - "big bad mean motherfucker"


Madame Lamb said...

i wish i had a pizza and a bottle of wine right now.

Californian said...

It was a fast posting.

Anonymous said...

It's good that you captured that groovy knee bend...effing awesome

Raouf Hosni said...

thanx for the songs. i downloaded "lust for life"

jun said...



Anonymous said...

why all the cussing jono?

Anonymous said...

agree with the cussing comment bono - totd has been tempered and rightly so!

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