Thursday, March 18, 2010

rip alex chilton

the world said goodbye to indie rock forefather alex chilton of the leading members of the group big star (perhaps best known for penning the song that would later become the theme for "that 70's show") and an illustrious solo musician, chilton is one of those guys who might've never hit it huge, but whose influence on subsequent generations of rockers will be forever palpable. heart attack is the suspected cause of death.

big star - "september gurls"
alex chilton - "hey! little girl"


Ershad said...

Wow you got a lot of followers.

Abby said...

How sad. We'll all miss him.

Ershad said...

Man those writing are artistic and little confusing too. I mean the tabs that takes you to other pages like writing, art. It looks like handwriting.

Adam Gilchrist said...

Well then what should we do

Anonymous said...

nary a ward of Chilton at 16 years old penning the 2nd shortest number 1 hit in history - "The Letter" maybe made more famous by Joe Cocker or better yet Belushi's spoof on him. The Box Tops - two hits back in the mid-sixties. Chilton then went on to do some great stuff again in the 70s and 80s. Was due to reunion with Big Star in Austin and went and had a heart attack...RIP.

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