Wednesday, March 10, 2010

gimme that filet-o-fish

compare the drum loop in this radio dept. song (below) to the one used in mcdonalds' filet-o-fish spots.

download: radio dept. - "bus"

eerily similar huh?...perhaps identical? i wonder at what point it occurred to the creative team that this was the way to go. did the guy think: "hmm, i need a tinny sounding drum machine for this song...i know the radio dept. uses them a lot, lemme browse a few albums..."? or could it have happened that one of the guys had a god-like, "a-ha," moment while listening to this album in the car?

i don't know much about drum machines, but i guess it could also be pure coincidence...i wonder if the people at ddb had to lease out the whole song...


Aiko said...


Anonymous said...

It's a stock drum beat from a casio sk1

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