Monday, March 1, 2010

fuck this, I'm gonna do a loud punk song

bradford cox maaaaan...the guy is a well of creativity. front man of deerhunter and the solo project atlas sound, cox is as prolific as he is innovative. here's a bit out of an interview with pitchfork in which he discusses the song "shelia" off of his most recent album as atlas sound, logos:

Okay, let's talk about "Shelia" ground up. I was playing a show, the show was not going so hot because the PA system was really quiet and it was in a really huge warehouse space. And people couldn't hear me. So I just said, "Fuck this, I'm gonna do a loud punk song." So I just looped three guitar chords that I just randomly chose, then I added a lead guitar thing on the looping pedal, and then I just went and pulled the floor tom and the snare drum out from the curtain where the former band had put their equipment. And then I just started banging on the drums with maracas-- I think it's on YouTube, that's where that song was written, straight up.

you can read more here, but, more interesting than that, it didn't take long for me to surface the youtube clip he mentions above. fast forward to the three-minute mark if you get impatient:

atlas sound - "shelia"


Anonymous said...

this is quite badass


Igor said...

Olá, so estou passando pelo eu blog =)

stolibolly said...

he was interesting to see live. quite a sense of humor.

kakupan said...

Yes, me too. Interesting to see, because of using looping sound.(I feel like a kind of Delay-Machine)

Also feel illusion from this number and be drawn into his world.

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