Wednesday, March 3, 2010

evening of light 1969

evening of light was filmed and directed in 1969 by french director, francois de meil, as a video promo for nico's album, the marble index. iron asheton and iggy pop (who starred alongside nico) discussed the event in "please kill me" written by legs mcneil and gillian mccain:

ron asheton: nico got some filmmaker to come to michigan and make some sixteen-millimeter movie with iggy. we all went out to this farm, and nico got john adams to be in it , too, because he looked like a sphinx: big, long, tight, curly red hair. it was the dead of winter and we were sitting looking out this picture window, laughing, while they put these mannequin arms all over the field--john with no shirt on, and iggy with no shirt on, doing nothing. boy it was real artsy.

iggy pop: we ran around and around this potato field and mimed with plastic limbs. i never made much sense of it. it was jive. but i needed dinner that day. what had happened whas that francois de meil of texas money wanted to do a film with nico and she said, 'if you wanna do a film, you gotta come out to michigan and put jimmy in it.' so he said, ' well, okay.'


A Cuban In London said...

Strange that I haven't come across this film yet. Many thanks for the words.

Greetings from London.

Loved Ever said...

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