Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 minute makeover with crawl

in steve rash's 1993 comedy, son in law, an innocent country girl from South Dakota begins her freshman year at UCLA where her eyes are opened to the truths of dorm life. unable to relate to the lifestyle of her classmates and wanting to go back to the farm, crawl (pauly shore), the resident advisor, stops her from leaving by giving her an ambush makeover. watch the entire clip or cut to the 5 minute mark.


Jorge Alexander said...


Anonymous said...

that's a lot of wardrobe changes in one day.

Jenifer said...

It is sad that not everyone appreciates Pauly Shore. ;) Mindless (literally) Humor. Check him out as the voice of the friend in "A Goofy Movie" said...


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Laisla said...

Wouldn't quite work in the mid west. would it?

sinandstarlight said...

i absolutely love this movie!

That Obscure Object said...

is it just me or does he resemble a young, glowing Joan Cusack in his costume?

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