Tuesday, February 16, 2010

american bitch

nytimes writer david segal presents us with a look into the world of dog showing. basically, if you aren't spending $100,000 on ads for your dog and don't have a professional handler showing it, you don't stand a chance. i couldn't help thinking of christopher guest's best in show while reading this...winky was really one hell of a longshot.

from the article:

Among breeders, owners and handlers, it’s understood: you can’t just turn up with the paradigm of the breed, if such an animal exists, and expect a best-in-show ribbon. To seriously vie for victory, a dog needs what is known as a campaign: an exhausting, time-consuming and very expensive gantlet of dog show wins, buttressed by ads in publications like Dog News and The Canine Chronicle.

Seriously, ads. Lots and lots of them. They usually hype recent victories at local shows, with the hope of influencing judges at future competitions. “A top 10 toy dog!” reads a recent full-pager for Bon Bon the Pomeranian, listing an assortment of triumphs under a picture of the animal panting atop some logs.

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Anonymous said...

nobody seems to understand how relevant and funny the title of this post is. i am disappointed. also i think christopher guest understands characters more than any director in the world. (for the most part, besides kurosawa)

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