Friday, January 15, 2010

too sexy for my shirt

Modesty, oh, modesty. Who doesn't want to admire a svelte women? Look at legs that go on for miles? Gaze at perfectly pronounced collar bones? Yes, there are some who should probably cover up a bit more, maybe even thrown on a pair of undergarments...Fashion designers have appropriately noted this in their 2010 RTW collections, emphasizing and focusing on the female anatomy and allowing spectators eyes to wander to parts of the skin that are usually kept covered.

Alexander Wang's collection fuses sporty with sexy; apparent in his midriff bearing and leg enhancing outfits, "as if a bevy of cool but wayward high-school girls had raided the locker room armed with a pair of scissors."

Rodarte's collection displays garments that look as though they have been elegantly torn and tarnished. Think of an alluring woman who has been wandering in the desert for some time, choosing a Rodarte outfit to endure her long journey. Peek-a-boo holes that show hints of the stomach and upper thigh.

Vivienne Westwood's wild hair and make up styles evoke Alice in Wonderland, only Alice seems to have lost part of her outfits on her way tumbling down the rabbit hole...or  after a scuffle with the Queen of Hearts.

Versace's collection can be summed up with these words: sexy, short, see-through, slits, slants, superb.


Anonymous said...

Scrawny and skinny for Versace. Witchy Rodarte rags and foolish filler for Wang's runway. Love your posts, Lizzard!!!

Nelly Furtado said...

2010 will put some more "meat" on all fashion models
Nelly Furtado
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