Sunday, January 24, 2010

the soft pack

this afternoon i dipped into the soft pack, a san diego rock band. they have a heavier post-punk influence than other bands popping out of socal and i'm digging it (and their name). the soft pack's self-titled LP drops february 2nd on kemado records. if you're in new york, swing by cake shop on february 5th and catch their studio release show for free. here's "answer to yourself":

the soft pack :: answer to yourself (via zshare)

thanks for the tip, tgd


Amy said...

blancaaa, just catching up on my ml reading, ive been at home sick as a dog. it's so funny you posted this--friends from college produced this video (notice felipe as the customer in the beginning? i think you met him..anywho a bunch of friends from nu are from san diego, so i guess thats how they know the band). i got my ticket to coachella last week! karl and i are renting an RV!!

dragonix said...

wow nice homepage i love its like totally cool like dam cool

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