Monday, December 28, 2009

kicking hippies asses and raising hell

bennett white out in colorado has been listening to some good country music as of late. here's one i couldn't get enough of this weekend about hippies and rednecks called "up against the wall redneck mother". written by ray wylie hubbard but made famous by jerry jeff walker's 1973 recording, the song is a play on an anarchist affinity movement called "Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers", or UAW/MF. the UAW/MF art gang emerged from the lower east side of manhattan in the late 1960s and was responsible for demonstrations like cutting down the fences at woodstock so thousands of people could enter for free. "Up against the wall motherfuckers" is a line of an Amiri Barak
poem called Black People!.

for more information watch this (ray wylie hubbard tells the story of the song on stage).

please email me if you have a better recording!

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