Sunday, December 27, 2009

daniel johnston

here's a guy that i heard about on the good old radio...daniel johnston has been around for a while now and has been recording and putting out material since the early 80's. he's suffered from mental issues throughout his recording career, and his output has apparently been a bit erratic as a result, but the stuff i've heard really rocks. from what i can tell, this man is the forefather of lo-fi dudes like ariel pink and kurt vile - a lot of his early recordings are one man affairs laid down on 8-track cassette, and share a similar off the cuff quality. so if you like music like that, and have a soft spot for a neil young "outsider" type persona, you should check this guy out.

here's a cut off of his most recent album, Is and Always Was, and a couple from his mid-90's album, Fun.

daniel johnston - "freedom"

daniel johnston - "foxy girl"
daniel johnston - "psycho nightmare"

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