Monday, November 16, 2009

why do you go to the movies?

ao scott reflects on the nature of cinema in the most recent issue of ny times magazine:

"But alongside the official pantheon occasionally incarnated in lists offered up by institutions like the American Film Institute and The New York Times, every film lover carries around a more subjective canon, an ever-shifting, impressionistic personal cinematheque. That horror movie that gave you nightmares as a child. The love story you saw on your first date with the love of your life. The dramas that ended or started friendships, soothed you in your lonely moments or made the loneliness more acute. The westerns that taught you something about courage or treachery, the comedies that schooled you in sex, the epics and biopics that overshadowed what you learned in history class."

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the first movie i remember seeing in theaters is robin hood: prince of thieves. i was 5 and really liked robin hood, but the non-disney version scared the shit out of me.

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