Friday, November 20, 2009

a past blast

i have recently been scrolling through my itunes, finding some old friends of mine. i've been clicking ben kweller and listening to his sweet songs about his home, loves, and all of life's mysterys. his fourth album, changing horses, shows that kweller has found a sound that he is committed to. kweller, growing up in texas, would deliver samples of the sounds of his native state in his previous three indie-rock albums; however, now he is fully saddled up and is wearing his boots and a ten gallon hat. his quirky lyrics of love, loss and friendship speak to the country themes, but do not expect a country album--his roots are in pop and kweller was majorly influenced by the beatles, so he has not abandoned his original sounds--he has only amplified them with his twangy guitar riffs. kweller's album is not forseeable, it is promising. changing horses is only the beginning of kweller's matured style. expect to see more.

Ben Kweller: Wanting Her Again
Ben Kweller: Sawdust Man

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