Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(how to be) smokin' in the boys room in spring 2010

spring: always a wonderful opportunity for reinvention. in this case a chance for men to turn a new eye toward fashion and personal style, especially if they have not put much stock into the act of getting dressed in the past. a great way to get one's sartorial gears turning for this spring is to think about the general themes presented by major fashion houses, as shown on the runway. one major concept: a sheer, weightless seriousness; light fabrics (dior homme) and prints (hermès) rendered in earth tones, blacks, and grays. in other words, clothes that say "spring" without screaming "fashion wanker". additionally, men can look forward to increased freedom in self-expression via accessories and fun statement pieces, such as a lightweight leather jacket (margiela) or a pair of metallic wingtips or sneakers. nothing conveys confidence and sex appeal on a man quite like an over-the-top shoe paired with a simple shirt-and-trouser look. If you are feeling uninspired: The Sartorialist is one great resource for outfit motivation. simply find a look you like, adjust for your comfort level and closet, and jog out the door feeling like a new man.

hermès maison martin margiela (jay-z's fav)
lanvin givenchy
dries van noten dior homme

nb. for men of any sexual persuasion: get kooky with your boots, bags, bracelets, ties and scarves. a handbag (be it messenger, clutch, or tote) does not make you feminine, it just makes it easier to carry your shit around.

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