Saturday, November 21, 2009

garry winogrand

garry winogrand (January 1928-March 1984) was a street photographer who captured the essence of the american people in the 20th century. he used a pre-focused, wide angle lens on a 35mm leica camera, while snapping away at people who passed by. his photographs are full of movement, mysterious lighting as well as giving us a very interesting way to look at common american people of the 1960s. winogrand's style is unique because he always manages to find peculiar connections between the figures he spontaneously discovers on the street.


LAM said...

good one lizzard!

wooden shutters said...

I love Garry Winogrand its just such a shame that the books are so expensive to buy. Its about $200 for the best one! The first photo from the worlds fair is amazing. I have often wondered what the guy on the right hand side reading the paper has said to make the women sat next to him look at him like that and take off her glasses.

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