Sunday, November 1, 2009

for british eyes only

two british bands that have both recently released debut albums...The xx cite various, unrelated influences, but really owe a lot of what they to do to robert smith and the cure...just look at them. this song is the first cut off of their new album and is dark, atmospheric, and cure-like...wish it went on a bit longer. i gave disintegration a good listen on the plane last weekend and i couldn't help being reminded of it. that said it is given a modern treatment with the drum machine, and the rest of the album is very much an original work...just not so sure i like it. i can't deny though that i was excited for it after hearing this one.

The xx- "Intro"

the big pink have nothing in common with the band album of the same name. instead, they mine the british shoegaze and britpop tradition for their inspiration. the melody in this song here strikes me as very oasis-like and would've been right at home on definitely maybe.

the big pink- "tonight"

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